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What is a celebrant?

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Quite simply, a celebrant is someone involved in creating, writing and conducting a ceremony. 

Gone are the days when you had no other choice than to have your ceremony in a church or stuffy registry office and had to follow religious or prescribed customs.

If you use a celebrant you can have your ceremony anywhere you want to and exactly how you wish.

Popular wedding customs like handfasting, sand pouring, unity candle lighting, ring warming and even a wine ceremony can be included.  

I can help you explore unique ideas which fit with your own beliefs.


I love creating natural outdoor ceremonies especially when it’s somewhere that is significant and has personal meaning to my clients. Whether that be on a beach, in a garden, in a woodland, a stately home, caves or even a fort in the middle of the ocean. When using a celebrant there are no restrictions, so you can choose the perfect location no matter how weird or wonderful!

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Celebrant led wedding ceremony

The legal part...

The legal part of a marriage 'the paperwork' and the declaratory and contracting words must be said in a Registry Office or licenced venue for  your marriage to be legal.

This can happen before or after your wedding ceremony on a day of your choosing. Remember, you don't need to exchange rings or say your vows to legally marry so you can save this part for the celebrant led wedding ceremony.

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