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Weddings Ceremonies 

Capturing your love story

What could be more special than the union of two people proclaiming their love and commitment to each other. 

We can work together to perfect your vows, help you select the music to create the perfect ambience, with special readings and staging of the ceremony.

Naming Ceremonies 

A celebration of life

Celebrate the arrival of your child and welcome them into your family. 

I will create a bespoke ceremony to fit within your family so you can declare your commitment to them. You may want to include special friends and family by choosing Guideparents to support and guide your child as they grow.  


You can personalise the whole ceremony with readings, poems, lighting candles, planting trees or flowers to symbolise their new life. I will guide you through every step and help you create the perfect ceremony for your little one. 

Naming Ceremony 1.jpg

Vow Renewals

Reaffirm your love

Celebrate your marriage all over again by renewing your wedding vows. 

Whether you've been married for 5 years or 50 years what better way to mark a milestone, recommit to each other or tell the world you're still in love as when you first married. 

Celebrate your love with a select few with an intimate ceremony or shout from the rooftops and create a party to remember. Whatever your style and wherever your location, I can create a truly unforgettable ceremony tailored to your requirements. 

Weddings and Civil Ceremonies
Naming Ceremonies
Vow Renewals

Symbolic Ceremonies

Extra touches

As well as the traditional exchanging of the rings, you may wish to incorporate a beautiful symbolic ceremony such as The Rose Ceremony, Hand Fasting or The Lovers knot.  


There are no limits or rules you can decide which one has the most meaning and significance to you both.  You may also like to invite family and friends to share readings or poems.

Hand Fasting ribbons.JPG
Karlina with bridesmaids.jpg

Wedding Day Coordination

Allow the day to flow

Enable your day to run smoothly with my partner Helen coordinating, so that you can enjoy yourself without any stress!

From welcoming guests, to making sure that the wedding cake is placed, the music is queued, the caterers know where to set up, and someone is there to dish out the confetti! 

Having someone who is not emotionally attached (and distracted by distant relatives) to ensure logistics run seamlessly, to create the day you've always wished for. 

Helen has a keen eye for detail and managed productions across the world for her whole career, so you're in very safe hands! 

First Dance Lessons & Choreography

A time honoured tradition

It is a time honoured tradition for the bride and groom to officially open the dance floor for the evening party to commence. It dates back to when the groom would want to show off his bride to friends and family. Now it is used to showcase the couples unity and love and what better way to kick off the party than with a fully choreographed first dance.  


Having been a professional dancer and performer since I was a child I have a real passion for dancing and experience in teaching others. I am a fully qualified dance teacher, choreographer and director and would love to help you create your unforgettable first dance.  

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